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Vehicles and Medical Equipment

One of the problems with having a locum cover your practice is provision of equipment.  Usually, the principal has to haul bags of equipment out of his or her own car to hand over to the locum providing cover, and then has to check everything is still in order and load it all back again at the end of the locum.  There is also the worry that the locum is unfamiliar with the equipment supplied.  This can really be a worry when dealing with a medical emergency. 
To avoid the nuisance of handing over large numbers of items, and to ensure that there are no problems with lack of familiarity, I carry all of my own equipment . 

Equipment includes...
  • BASICS car
  • Unmarked Car*
  • GP bag
  • Adult emergency bag
  • Paediatric emergency bag
  • Major incident bag
  • Combitube/LMA airway pack
  • Chest Drain pack
  • Oxygen therapy equipment
  • Oxygen saturation monitor
  • Defib and 12 lead ECG
  • Trolley Stretcher
  • Extrication board / Scoop stretcher
  • Carry chair
  • Box Splints
  • Personal protective equipment¬†
  • Polaroid camera and film
  • High powered rechargeable torch
  • Maglite torches
  • Spare equipment
  • Of course, any disposable items used during the locum (such as oxygen masks or out of hours drugs) may need to be replaced by the practice.¬† If stocks are low, the replacement cost can be added to the bill if preferred.¬†

    * Please note that the unmarked car carries a much smaller range of emergency equipment


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