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The Joys of Discontinuity
Doctor, 15th March 2005
Is it very much a case of ‘better the heartsink you don’t know, than the one you do’? Look on the bright side, the next practice may not have any heartsinks. Whereas, you now know for certain that this one does.

Monopoly handover puts us on Skid Row
Doctor, 11th January 2005
Is the government's cunning plan behind allowing the GP Out Of Hours opt-out based on the fact that it breaks up the monoploy GPs hold on primary care? Are we now headed for the dismantling of general practice as we know it in the UK, with a future of salaried GPs with low pay and poor conditions?

Locums deserve to earn more than principals
Pulse, 28th October, 2004
Locum GPs are the only doctors in the NHS able to apply market forces to their pay, terms and conditions. Since locum rates are market based, I fail to see how complaining about locums 'getting paid more than principals' helps anyone.

Locum GPs and the New GMS Contract
Doctor Magazine, July 2004
How will the new GMS contract affect locums?

Stalinisation of the NHS
Doctor Magazine, March 2004
The NHS seems to be deteriorating. More money keeps being announced; more doctors, more nurses, shorter waiting times, more targets being reached. But the impression of patients, doctors, and nurses in the front line is that things are not getting better. Their impression is that things are getting worse.

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Whistleblowing But Were Afraid To Ask
BMJ Career Focus  2004;328:s7 (3 January)
A guide on how to raise important safety issues without falling victim to one of the many anti-whistleblowing techniques that NHS managers use.

BMJ Profile
BMJ Career Focus  2002;325:94 (21 September)
Interview in BMJ Careers focus with Rhona MacDonald.

Why I love my iBook
GP Magazine, November, 2002
I bought my iBook two years ago and it has been one of the best purchases I ever made.
GP Magazine, February, 2002 Does this sound familiar? It's the middle of a busy Thurday monring surgery and you say to your practice manager "Oh, by the way, I've got to (insert vital appointment here). Any chance you could find a locum for the Friday evening surgery?


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