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So, you want to be a locum?

note: these pages are now out of date - please see the Locum Advice Pages .

If you are a doctor and are interested in doing locum work then this is the place for you.

Locum work is varied, interesting and exciting - but it is also hardwork and can be lonely. You need to be self sufficient, have an open mind and be able to make friends quickly and easily. You need to be flexible, able to improvise, and able to cope with wide variations in normal practice, style and delivery ("in [insert name of unit] they do this or that..." is the battle cry of the inexperienced locum).You need to be able to treat patients that you have never seen before (and may never see again) with the help of staff you don''t know in an environment that is unfamiliar.

Starting locum work can still be a daunting prospect as there is seldom someone to show you how it is done (since it is unusual to have more than one locum in the unit or practice at any one time) and many of it''s elements are not taught in medical school - advertising, agreeing/haggling rates,billing etc..

These pages are designed to answer all your questions and make locum work easier, less stressful and more rewarding.

I''ve divided the advice up into three broad categories:

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