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Hand held suction devices
V-vac Res-q-vac Vitalograph
Cost: about £80 Cost: about £55 Cost: about £135
  • cartridges are easy to change
  • side overflow port keeps you clean
  • flat design means it may fit in your kit bag more easily than other models¬†
  • cheapest model available
  • simple and easy to use
  • cartridge can be easily removed and replaced
  • simple and easy to use
  • robust construction
  • needs big hands to operate comfortably
  • needs long arms to operate when yanker suction adapter is attached.
  • flat design means it may not fit in your kit bag as easily as other models
  • feels like the cheapest model available
  • cartridge clumsy to dispose of (separate cap likely to get lost)
  • poor overflow control
  • expensive
  • rear overflow port means excess vomit ends up in your lap
  • can be difficult to clean
Verdict:  good if you have strong hands, don't need to use it too often and have to clean up after yourself. Verdict: cheap and effective, but not very robust. Suitable for occasional use Verdict: worth the money if you're going to use it a lot, have someone else to clean it for you afterwards and you don't forget where the overflow is pointing.
to purchase contact
Laerdal Medical
01689 876634
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