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Medical Equipment


White Chrysler Grand Voyager (1997)
Silver Chrysler Neon (2000)
Why use a liveried car?

The livery used is similar to that used by BASICS schemes across the UK and by out of hours co-ops such as GDOCS in Grampian. 

The advantages are:

  • safety is greatly increased when working at the scene of an accident or other incident on or near the road.
  • the vehicle can be used to protect the scene of an accident or other incident until the police arrive.
  • the vehicle is easily identified by patients
  • police, fire and ambulance crews recognize you quickly and easily
  • passers by are more willing to help you find a house or location.
  • it is easy for patients and relatives to "keep an eye out for you" when you are called out to visit.
  • drivers are less likely to take offense when urgent progress is required (where clinically justified)
  • illegal or inconvenient parking (when clinically justified) causes less offense .
  • access is possible to cordoned off areas, such as at festivals or major incidents.
Why have a stretcher fitted?

A York trolley stretcher is fitted which is the same as the stretcher used by the Scottish Ambulance Service.

The advantages are:

  • you can carry patients either to the practice, to meet the ambulance on the road or to a suitable helicopter landing site.
  • you can treat patients inside the vehicle, which is very useful when waiting at the scene of an incident for an ambulance, especially in poor weather.¬† This prevents you and the patient becoming hypothermic!

If I wanted to set up my vehicle as an ambulance, how would I go about it?


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