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If accommodation is required for the locum period then ideally it should be either...
  • a private self catering flat with laundry facilities
    • or
  • B&B with full board and laundry included

Notes on Accommodation:

  • B&B should be en suite
  • a TV should be available in the room
  • double accommodation will be required
  • accommodation should be equivalent to Tourist Board 3 Star standard or above
  • arrangements and costs for accommodation cleaning and fresh linen (which should be provided weekly) are the responsibility of the practice/health board/trust
  • access to a telephone line will be required for incoming and outgoing calls.¬†Local and national outgoing call costs will be the responsibility of the practice/health board/trust (up to a maximum of ¬£5 per day or ¬£35 per week at standard BT rates, or the equivalent at hotel rates).¬†
  • I will provide my own cordless phone and answering machine, so it is not necessary to have a phone in the bedroom as long as there is access to a phone socket in the residence.
  • If there is no access to a land line, or if there is access but the practice are not paying for the calls, then there will be a surcharge of ¬£15 per day to cover mobile phone/BT chargecard costs
  • If B&B accommodation is provided without full board and laundry ¬†then there will be a ¬£40 per day flat-rate surcharge for meals and laundry.¬†
  • the practice/health board/trust will be directly responsible for all costs involved (including double accommodation costs, meals and laundry,and telephone calls).

If the residence phone line is to be used for incoming patient or practice calls then the phone line should have the following features set up by the telephone company before the start of the locum. 

  • call waiting
  • caller line identify (CLI)
  • call divert

Obviously, it can be difficult to secure ideal accommodationin some locations, or at busy times of the year.  Please feel free to contact me to discuss the accommodation.

You may want to give a copy of this page to the accommodation proprietor.


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